Togarepi faces the boot from ZANU PF



The Secretary for the Youth League,Pupurai Togarepi and his executive face the boot after the ruling party’s youth wing raised a number of charges which included incompetence against them.

Fifty-four year old Togarepi, secretary for administration Tendai Chirau and deputy secretary,Lewis Matutu are accused of failing to counter the opposition when it allegedly took charge of violent protests in the country a fortnight ago. Chirau confirmed to the Business Times that they had been notified of their fate.

“Yes,we received notification today,”he said. “We were told that the party’s leadership including the President Emmerson Mnangagwa received the petition today. We don’t know the members who delivered the petition.”

He said that the petition was not done procedurally.

“Normally, the notification was supposed to come from the national executive, but it did not come from there.”

A member of the party’s youth wing, who refused to be named, said their gripe with the party is their failure to campaign for the President in the July 2018 election.

“They didn’t campaign for the President. They were just too lazy,“ said the member.

Apparently, National Assembly candidates performed better than President Mnangagwa – an indictment on the commissariat and the youth wing, which is often termed the “vanguard” of the ruling party.The member added that they may still survive as the issue has been referred to the party’s National Disciplinary Committee, saying: “They can still survive. Their issue will be handled by the disciplinary council.”

When reached for a comment, Togarepi professed ignorance saying: “I am in Parliament so I have not seen the petition. Maybe l will see it later.”

There are also some unsubstantiated reports saying the youth executive was captured by an emerging faction in ZANU PF hence allegations it was sabotaging President Mnangagwa.

Ironically in 2016, Togarepi was suspended from the party for allegedly failing to rein in his son, Gabriel of ZILIWACO Trust, who had been expelled for disrespecting the then President Robert Mugabe and his wife, Grace.

Matutu was also part of the youth league members who were suspended from the party during the turbulent years