Pro Strata introduces ‘climate-smart’ mining

September 23, 2021



Before the advent of Covid-19, new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, cheap sensors, automation, drones, and digitisation of operations were changing the face of the mining industry.

The global pandemic has made the innovations even more critical, but has also sharpened the focus on new tech’s unresolved challenges, including its impacts on the mining workforce.

Reducing our carbon footprint to mitigate the impact of climate change, as outlined in international treaties like the Paris Agreement and accelerating the journey to the all-electric mine, is a business priority for many mining companies and their customers that ProStrata International has managed to provide services for.

ProStrata has taken a huge stride towards an eco-friendly dust suppression service.

“Through the supply of a sophisticated enviro-friendly chemical called Dust-Tech-Polymer, ProStrata International has managed to be of great assistance to various mining houses that were experiencing challenges related to dust control and gravel road maintenance,” said ProStrata International director, Munhamo Vhiriri.

“The product is mixed with water at recommended ratios and applied using bowsers. Customers have realised enormous benefits from use of Dust-Tech that include, cost reduction through reduction of water required for dust suppression, fuel consumption for maintenance vehicles, reduction in tyre damages, efficient production turn around,” said ProStrata International director.”

He said the product is applicable for surface haul roads, gravel roads, underground haul roads, slimes dams and dumps. After application, land remains unaffected and vegetation can survive even better,” Vhiriri said.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had widespread global health and economic consequences. As the mining industry looks to the future, it faces uncertain terrain — from travel restrictions, reduced demand, interruptions to supply chains, the responsibility to keep employees and surrounding communities shielded from workplace transmission and ever-crucial global sustainability objectives.

ProStrata has entered into  a dealership agreement that provides automation to the Zimbabwean mining industry.

“Companies looking to acquire critical metals mines will bolster acquisition criteria to focus on pandemic resilience. If mines rank highly on automation, remote-controlled drilling and digitised processes for example, they will be sold at a premium price.

“Mining needs new, efficient solutions to current challenges. Like many industries, the answers lie in digital tools which we as ProStrata can now supply locally,” Vhiriri said.


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