On-the-job training is team work


On-the-job training is a common means of training or retraining employees and the practice may seem simple and straight forward. However, doing it effectively requires more thought and preparation than simply having someone follow an experienced worker around and watch what they are doing.

On-the-job training consists of four major players who need to complement each other well if it is to succeed. The following are key members of an organised on-the-job team.

A Champion. 

This is an individual who actively promotes the programme in the organisation. He/ She is a strong believer in the benefits of coaching employees based on On-the-Job programme and is willing to sell it to senior management and enthusiastically supports its integration into the organisation. Ultimately, the champion is responsible for evaluating the whole programme. 

In this case the Learning and Development Practitioner fits very well in this position since he/she is a professional in the area of training and development. 

The Supervisor. The supervisor manages the action part of the programme and is the person who is responsible for overseeing the progress of the trainee. 

He is responsible for issues such as the selection of the coaches and provides on-going support for them. 

In order for the programme to be systematic, the supervisor is the one who determines the training plan for assigned trainees. The supervisor is responsible for pairing trainees with an appropriate coach or coaches, evaluating the coach’s proficiency, assessing the coach’s skill in transferring knowledge and skills to the trainees and finally initiating follow-up for each trainee.

The Coach. 

This is the person that does the training. He/she is responsible for organising and planning the training, developing a relationship with the trainee, and teaching knowledge and skills to the trainee. 

The supervisor will identify the most suitable senior member of staff in his/her department to be the coach for the trainee. 

The coach should undergo a coaching course facilitated by the Learning and Development Section for them to be effective.

The Trainee. 

The trainee is responsible for being an interactive learner, developing a relationship with the coach, and mastering the material taught. 

There is need to bring the trainee and the coach together and have them agree on a programme of action that will result in the programme taking off smoothly.

Success of the On-the Job programme will depend to a greater extent on the cordial collaboration among the members and professional support from the Learning and Development Department and buy in  from Senior Management.

Paul Nyausaru is an HR Practitioner and leadership coach. For all your HR interventions and leadership development training you can get in touch with him on WhatsApp/call +263774062756 or Email pnyausaru@gmail.com

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