Nzenza challenges industry

(Last Updated On: November 24, 2022)



Industry and Commerce minister, Sekai Nzenza, has challenged local companies to be innovative and manufacture goods that can compete in regional and international markets.

Local products have struggled to penetrate regional markets due to quality issues as well as high costs which make them uncompetitive.

“Focus must be on value addition and in order to trade we must produce. The products must be of innovative, high quality and globally competitive. I must acknowledge the resilience of Zimbabwean industry and commerce through and beyond Covid-19 pandemic period,” Nzenza said at a recent Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce trade and investment conference held in Bulawayo.

She added: “Last week at the AU Meeting of Ministers I challenged the Secretariat even further to undertake value chain mapping for Africa in order for our countries to tap into each other’s strengths as we industrialise and trade.”

Nzenza said Zimbabwe has undertaken sector specific strategies under  President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s thrust of moving the economy up the value chain.

“This has registered a success story for the Zimbabwean industry with increased capacity utilisation, investment and export oriented growth.”

Local higher learning institutions such as universities and colleges have also joined hands with industry players and are designing technologies and innovative solutions, which they are showcasing to support the re-industrialisation drive.

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