New party promises smart solutions for Zim


The leader of the Zimbabwe African National Congress (ZANC), Timothy Ncube, has promised ‘smart solutions’ to the country’s economic and social challenges.

Ncube, who spoke to Business Times from his base in South Africa, said his newly established political party is a people-centric party. The main focus of the party, Ncube said, was to uplift the lives of Zimbabweans as well as creating employment opportunities.

“Most Zimbabweans are suffering due to the economic ills that have disrupted the normal flow of livelihoods of an ordinary family household.

“These include (high) inflation rates, increase in corruption, imbalance in formal and informal markets, high unemployment levels and many other economic ills,” he said.

“As a party we want to focus on rebuilding our economy and provision of employment through empowering the youth who are mainly the backbone of a nation and its future.”

ZANC however intends to achieve its goals by providing youth empowerment programmes through teaching skills that can be used for self-employment and starting own businesses.

On the social side, Ncube said one can realise that many Zimbabweans have since migrated and displaced in large numbers for the past two decades.

He said this has led to disruption of a family setup as various members of families are migrating to other countries in search of greener pastures hence depriving them of family love, togetherness and unity.

Ncube, a businessman based in South Africa, said most children are growing up with no parental guardianship thus leading to moral decay and even in some cases divorces.

“Zimbabweans have been suffering for the longest time and the situation has been frustrating and with that it gave us an opportunity to form ZANC. We are a party that does not want to play the blame game or complain about our situation but we rather came up with a simple, smart, profitable solution to the problems faced by the people of Zimbabwe,” Ncube said.

ZANC was formed towards the end of last year and formally registered by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. 

Ncube said the political party is geared to take the existing political heavy weights head on in the 2023 elections.

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