May Mugabe’s real friends please stand up!



The day Robert Mugabe Jnr made his walk of shame into the Harare Magistrates’ Court on Monday, two things of significance to him personally were taking place hours later.

Number one, the country was preparing to commemorate the Robert Gabriel Mugabe National Youth Day where thousands attended to honour his late father’s legacy on a day he was born, 21 February, 1924.

After the commemorations of the RGM National Youth Day, the Zimbabwe senior men’s basketball team led by Vitalis Chikoko was in Bulawayo for the finals of the AfroCan competition.

Robert Jnr used to be a member of the national basketball team and at his age, only 31, he is still supposed to be having the energy and pace to compete for a place in the team.

But alas, Robert Jnr, also known as Tinotenda Mugabe, arrived in court and his walk depicted the former first son who is now crying out for help and probably drowning whatever his sorrows are in substance abuse.

During his father’s days, Robert Jnr was regarded as a young man of sober habits who had the capacity of even taking a key political role in the country.

At some point, there was talk that he was receiving military training in China with a view to take over from his father.

Videos of Robert Jnr appearing high on drugs have been shown and as a country, we are yet to act or not act because he is son to a powerful figure but this is clear evidence of the scourge that has cascaded to communities, schools even.

We would have failed as a country to ignore Robert Jnr’s plight.

His father’s friends would have failed if they did not immediately take up a fatherly role.

Drugs have become a menace across the country and several stories of how people behave under the influence reads like what exactly Robert Jnr did in Strathaven where he was accused of damaging property worth US$12000.

It is not too late to talk to the late former President’s son.

The arrest came ahead of the National Youth Day commemorations that ran under the theme “Drug and substance abuse: A threat to vision 2030”.

Good theme, good speeches and good intent, action is needed now to ensure the youths, not only Robert Jnr, get back to normal ways and be productive.

Whatever the young man is going through, may his father’s real friends stand up! 


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