Love for art drives lawyer


Imagine balancing between academics and creatives. Imagine doing it in a country, which doesn’t really appreciate creatives but places greater emphasis on education. All this sounds like a wrong combination but this is not the case for lawyer-cum sculptor David Ngwerume.

Despite being a lawyer, a noble profession that he can comfortably live on, Ngwerume is also taking his stone- sculpturing seriously. He now balances his busy schedule on legal matters during the week and stone sculpturing on weekends.

His art is mainly drawn from inspirations among the middle class. Ngwerume says he envies how the middle class lives and his passion is to market the culture outside.

Last week, Ngwerume unveiled some pieces which depict how the middle class dresses and has also carved a metre-long piece of a middleclass man holding a golf ball as he tried to explain the concept of teeing off in a golf game.

“I have my own views of the middle class. And I now have a number of pieces which depict that way of life in a contemporary society. I will continue to work on them because culture is dynamic and art understands this.

” The majority of his works are in spring stone. Ngwerume fell in love with sculpturing at a tender age and despite making it as an academic, he has continued to pursue stone art.

Ngwerume joins a number of lawyers who have ventured into arts among them Primrose Jaricha, who is the reigning Miss Tourism Zimbabwe and David Hofisi, who is a singer.

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