Impact of Covid -19 on rural children

…..Virus drives children into hunger, poverty

The Pandemic is not even close to being over, said World Health Organisation chief Tedros Adhanom Ghbreyesus.

Concern about the spread of the virus is growing, especially for many in rural Zimbabwe. It has been about surviving the day and scrambling for at least one meal a day.

The economy is facing collapse and a huge uncertainty, to the ordinary folk and children of Zimbabwe. What does that mean?

It is with regret that the SDG goals of zero hunger and poverty sanctioned by UN as part of Agenda 2030, have not translated into meeting the current emergency these children face.

As a human race we cannot ignore the plight of children in particular, it is against moral and constitutional governance.

We have been moved by the children seen on the street eating guava fruit last month in rural Zimbiru village in Mashonaland East.

When the children were asked, they innocently reported thats what they eat for the day. Tracing their background, they are from a home looked after by a grandparent. Their father left to go to work at the mines and has not returned or contacted anyone since the lockdown.

He apparently has no cellphone either. With no means of knowing he is alive the family has to fend for themselves.

As a small group of people, now supported by Hope & Salvation- a deed trust- we started to put meal parcels together for this family and many others we found in this village who are in dire need .

Meal parcels are given weekly and delivered door to door by a wheelbarrow due to treacherous roads. Motor vehicles find it difficult to accesss the area due to dilapidated roads.

The community are pleased that someone now cares and many remark that Covid 19 is the least of their worries.

Many did not even have masks and were not taking the message seriously about risks of COvid 19 and assuming it’s for those in the city.

Our volunteers were able to do some basic health promotion and awareness on Covid19.

The community told us they do not wish to live on handouts but the situation has left them no choice because they cannot go back to their farming and street vendor jobs.

We are therefore appealing for support from food suppliers, well wishers to feed our nation’s children especially the forgotten in the rural villages .

They face poor outcomes and often do not have a voice. Most support and aid is largely in the capital city Harare.

I applaud the many soup kitchens in the high densities feeding 1000 daily all within a community spirit, voluntary agencies are helping communities stay alive and have hope.

Please help us to feed 100 families weekly during this COVID 19 period .
Feed a child. Together we can!

Do you have maize,cooking oil, peanut butter, groceries you can support with to help feed a child and family who are destitute in rural Mashonaland East.

We wish to thank the volunteers who are taking enquiries and distributing fairly to the children who need it most, led by Hildgard Kombe. Thank you to Panashe Manyonganise(11yrs old) , Tinashe Manyonganise Sarah Saiti,Nester Kasvosve, Knowledge Mauye and Hazviperi Ziome.

Call us, we can arrange pick up.

God bless you


Back ground: Zimbiru has a population of 45000 people. It is located 30km East of Harare .

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