Govt rolls out computerised land cadastre system



Government is set to roll out a computerised land cadastre system meant to improve land registration and management, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries Water, and Rural Development, John Basera has revealed.

The introduction of the electronic cadastre (e-cadastre), Basera said, was part of efforts to modernise the land administration system and improve the management of valuable land resources.

Speaking at the e-cadastre workshop this week in the capital Harare, Basera said land was a critical resource, which facilitates economic development, growth and social well-being.

“As it stands, the current land administration system is largely manual, fragmented and poses numerous challenges including its opaque, non-transparency and inefficiency nature. These challenges have hindered efforts to promote sustainable land use, attract investment and reduce poverty,” Basera said.

The e-cadastre project is part of the government strategy to address identified challenges and transform land administration systems into a robust, efficient and effective system.

The project will provide an online, modern, reliable, user-friendly platform for land registration, cadastre management, and information services.

It has embedded advantages such as improving the accuracy and completeness of land records, reducing the time and cost of land transactions, and enhancing the security of land rights.

Basera said the e-cadastre was going to help in rural development and creation of employment.

“Above all, it will break and effectively eliminate silos within government ministries, departments and agencies involved in the land administration value chain. The envisaged transformation and rural development should birth increased levels of employment.

“ …The e-cadastre will be extended to the private sector, principally our financial services sector and real estate services industry to buttress their operations,” Basera said.

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