GMB prohibits wanton maize selling

THE Grain Marketing Board has come up with stringent rules under Statutory Instrument 145 of 2019 which controls the purchasing, selling and movement of maize as part of efforts to curb side marketing and cut arbitrage opportunities in the maize sector.
The development comes at a time when farmers held on to their maize due to side marketers who offered higher prices than the GMB.
In a gazette published on Friday, GMB said, “Grain Marketing (Control of Sale of Maize) Regulations, 2019, no person who is not a producer of maize or who is not a contractor shall sell maize to the Grain Marketing Board. The Grain Marketing Board is hereby empowered to reject any maize delivered by a person other than a producer or a contractor.”
GMB restricts person,statutory body and company or entity  to buy or otherwise acquire any maize from any farmer or producer otherwise than through the Grain Marketing Board.
A person who acquires any maize for use as seed shall not use or dispose of that maize for any other purpose unless with the written permission of the Grain Marketing Board.
Producers of maize or farmer are permitted to transport not more than five bags of maize of a capacity not exceeding 50 kilogrammes per bag from one area of the country to the other without any authorised person or police officer having to confiscate the maize.
A farmer is permitted to transport maize in excess of that specified under subsection (3) in the following cases— where such maize is being transported to be sold to GMB where an authorised person has permitted such maize to be transported for any other specified purpose, which authority must be evidenced in writing to any police officer on demand.
With effect from June 28, no person other than the Grain Marketing Board shall export from Zimbabwe maize of any quantity or any description until such a date that shall be specified by the Minister by way of notice in the Gazette.

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