Fuel prices go up


Zimbabwe’s fuel prices have gone up effective Friday.

The price of petrol at forecourts has gone up to ZWL$28.96 per litre from ZWL$21 a litre while the price of diesel was increased to ZWL$24,93 from ZWL$20.84.

ZERA confirmed the icrease in in fuel prices saying: ” Operators may, however, sell at prices below the cap depending on their trading advantages.”
Zimbabwe is battling fuel shortages at the moment, with long queues at most service stations.

The price increases in Zimbabwe follows crude oil price increases at the international market. The United States West Texas Intermediate crude oil went up to about US$37 per barrel this week from about US$34 per barrel in May while Brent oils were up to US$39 per barrel from US$33 a barrel.

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