ED warns against foreign interference



President Emmerson Mnangagwa has issued a warning to Western countries not to meddle in Zimbabwe’s internal affairs, claiming that the country’s people will remain united.

He said this last week while speaking to ZANU-PF supporters at Nyele Primary School in the Bulilima district of the Matabeleland South Province.

The warning was issued few weeks before Zimbabweans go to the polls on August 23.

“You in Europe come and see how ZANU-PF is loved by its people. If you close your eyes, our noise and the sound of our movement and our walking our dreams will wake you up,” he said, adding the people would remain united.

He added: “Every country is built by its own people. Those who think the country will be built by whites should wake up and brew beer because their ancestors have abandoned them.”

Mnangagwa said that without outside assistance, Zimbabweans would build their nation independently.

Mnangagwa’s warning also comes after Parliament approved the “Patriotic Bill” which enhances the provisions of the Criminal Law Code in matters relating to the country’s sovereignty through the criminalisation of conduct that undermined Zimbabwe’s sovereignty, dignity, independence and national interests.

The Bill awaits President Mnangagwa’s signature to become law.

He also warned businesses whom he said have devised ways of creating artificial shortages of basic commodities as a way of sabotaging the economy.

Of late there has been a shortage of basic commodities in sugar, cooking oil, rice and flour in some shops.

Mnangagwa said the issue was under investigations.

“Our government will never tolerate such activities in an independent Zimbabwe,” he said.

The economy is battling high inflation, foreign currency challenges, liquidity crunch, high cost of production and currency volatility, among many other problems.

Most businesses have adopted speculative pricing as they chase the parallel market exchange rates and as such are now charging exorbitant prices for goods and services.



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