‘€304m Pomona waste to energy project to go ahead’

June 25, 2022


GoeGenix Private Limited, the company undertaking the €304m Pomona waste to energy project, says the deal will go ahead despite moves by the City of Harare for the transaction to be reversed.

The project has courted controversy after revelations that council would pay daily whether it has delivered waste or not.

It also comes after the Ministry of Local Government recently told Harare to pay the bill of US$780, 890 for May.

GeoGenix chairman Delish Nguwaya said there is no going back on the deal accusing Harare Mayor Jacob Mafume of allegedly trying to frustrate the deal which had been approved by councillors.

“The way forward is that we are going to continue with the project because we are doing everything above board,” Nguwaya told journalists during a tour of the project on Friday.

He said cancellation of the deal would attract a US$3.5m penalty.

The Citizens Coalition for Change councillors are pushing for the deal to be cancelled arguing it was finalised when during the period when some councillors had been recalled by the MDC-T’ Douglas Mwonzora.

But Nguwaya accused Mafume of allegedly trying to frustrate the project.

“When we did the contractor there is a Mayor who was not around who is Jacob Mafume. So he is saying everything we did before him is not correct. He wants to [re] start the contract which is a problem,” Nguwaya said.

“The same councillors who approved the contract are the same councillors who are now saying we want to cancel the contract.”

The project is being done in phases with waste movement and collection currently underway.

There will be a waste to energy plant which will generate 22MW.

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