Do not use Parly to perpetuate polarization

Following the publication of General Notice 1406A of 2023, Kennedy Chokuda, the Clerk of Parliament, will today preside over the swearing-in of all newly elected Members of Parliament (MPs), both in the National Assembly and Senate.

Despite Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) hinting on a potential boycott citing irregularities that led to results manipulation, an allegation laughed off by the ruling ZANU-PF party, Chokuda insists it’s all systems go.

The MPs will elect the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Deputy Speaker, and the Senate President after taking oaths before the Clerk of Parliament.

Zanu PF boasts of 176 seats to CCC’s 103.

We have witnessed daily polarization in politics and the ensuing hostilities are glaring in communities, social media and various other platforms but as the new season begins in Parliament, elected members must show maturity and play a big role that does  not promote polarization.

Assuring checks and balances in the art of governance is crucially dependent on the elected legislators.

It is clear that the legislative branch of our Parliament, as well as the processes that support it, are built on the foundation of the legislative power that the general public, exercising their right under Section 67 of the Constitution, grants to Parliamentarians through the voting process.

As a result, it is important to respect voters’ rights and uphold the Constitution’s guarantees of representation.

Therefore, the Parliament is a significant institution with a major function in Zimbabwe hence must not be turned into a den of nonsense as we have seen in the past from a few mischief makers.

As a result, we urge lawmakers to take better action to address this. We also exhort them not to use the legislature to further polarization.

Since many years, the legislative procedures have been extremely partisan.

We now urge newly elected MPs to refrain from using Parliament to further polarization as they participate in caucuses in their designated Portfolio Committees or other opportunities to participate in the legislative process.

We expect a lot better from the new crop of MPs and they must show maturity. Lack of it will be a tragedy for Zimbabwe.



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