Delta expands Chibuku brand, introduces banana flavour

June 23, 2022


Delta Beverages yesterday launched its new chibuku super banana flavour to offer consumers wider choice as it grows its footprint in the sorghum beer business.

Sorghum Beer Business general manager Marshal Pemhiwa said: “Undoubtedly this event signifies our collective resolve to offer our consumers wider choice and signifies an exciting trajectory in the vision and mission of the sorghum beer business.”

“The banana flavour introduction shows that the sorghum beer business is firmly set to robust plan of building brilliant brands. This will grow Delta’s business by offering consumers brand experiences that play meaningful roles in their lives.”

He sais Delta was upgrading its products according to latest trends.

Pemhiwa said the Chibuku Super banana flavour variant is brewed with the same taste profile as its sister brand offering a unique carbonated taste experience with a well balanced flavour.

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