Chirumanzu chieftainship wrangle rages on

(Last Updated On: December 22, 2022)



There was drama at the Mvuma Magistrates Court on Monday this week after criminal charges against Chirumanzu chieftainship aspirant Julius Chimbi Chigegwe were dropped before trial for lack of evidence, Business Times reports.

Acting Chirumanzu Chief Fidelis Mudzengi had dragged Chigegwe to court on impersonation charges but Mvuma magistrate Constance Mutandwa dropped the charges as the evidence was said to be not admissible in court.

The acting chief through his lawyers had to hastily change the charges to that of contravening Section 48 of the Traditional Leaders Act of hindrance of chief, headman or village head.

But the matter was postponed to February 16, 2023 with Chigegwe granted free bail and the complainants ordered to put their house in order.

The battle for the Chirumanzu chieftainship started following the death of the late Chief Jerald Mudzengi in February 2019.

Fidelis, son to the deceased Mudzengi, has been acting since then but has allegedly refused to hand over power to the next heir, one Julius Chimbi Chigegwe, at the end of his acting term in February last year.


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