Can you travel overseas on a budget?


Recently there has been a rise in international travel and a growing desire to travel to unusual countries instead of the preferred traditional tourist destinations amongst travellers.

Cutting edge Travel websites such as Airbnb,, and Skyscanner are offering travel options that suit all kinds of holidaymakers with any budget in mind the option of travelling abroad. Keeping with our theme for 2019, which is ‘Travelling without Breaking the Bank’, we have compiled five countries overseas to consider visiting.

Known for its white sand beaches and the home of surfing and scuba diving enthusiasts, Indonesia is top choice for your bucketlist in 2019.

Indonesia offers incredible value for accommodation, food and transport. Stunning villas can be booked for as little as $30USD per person per day. Bali has spectacular canyons, sea temples, unique water villas, and infinity pools that spill over the edge of cliffs into oceans. The dinning culture in Bali is one that cannot be replicated or experienced in any other country.

Travellers who seek diversity, an intoxicating atmosphere and world class beaches should consider Mexico. Mexico is the only place on the planet that can satisfy any cravings you may have for culture and heritage. This Latin American country is rich in Historical Landmarks and unique resorts that cater to all your needs within budget, and with ideal weather throughout the year, tourists flock to Mexico for ‘sunshine siestas’.

Although Mexico is an affordable country, avoid travelling during peak season which is from November to March as prices tend to increase significantly.

If you’re dreaming of a Caribbean holiday, Cuba with its mix of Spanish and African roots, is the largest, and most exciting island in the Caribbean. The friendly people, incredible landscapes, flavoursome cuisine and exquisite beaches will make your trip a remarkable one. Cuba is genuinely a superb experience for the social and authentic individual. Meeting locals, dancing on the streets, hiking and exploring the trails are some of the highlights that cannot be missed during your adventure.

Bulgaria is Europe’s cheapest country which prides itself on its phenomenal wine, rustic old towns and relaxed people. A third of Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast comprises of golden sandy beaches and charming coastal outcrops, such as Nessebar, the “Pearl of the Black Sea” and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Bulgaria is also home to some of Eastern Europe’s finest ski resorts, any snow fanatic or Board Sport enthusiast would appreciate the value this Country has to offer.

The final country which is surprisingly growing a reputation despite its habitual status of being chaotic and frustrating is India.

India is tranquil, exhilarating and the essence of an unbalanced travel experience, it offers both luxury and budget travel options because of the bewildering exchange rate between the Indian Rupee and the United States Dollar. If you’re searching for a spiritual journey, India is inspiring and refreshing for any soul. Many people visit India to learn Yoga, meditate, spend time at an Ashram or participate in an evening Aarti (fire worship) along the Ganges river.

Travelling abroad is an experience you should partake in at least once in your lifetime, one grand trip can bring happiness, prospective and unforgettable memories. Take a break in 2019 and treat yourself to a trip that will enrich and kindle your heart and energies.

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