Burial space running out in Byo

January 13, 2022




The City of Bulawayo is fast running out of  burial space after the local authority last week decommissioned the Athlone West Cemetery as it was full.

The city has been battling burial space shortage following the decommissioning of West Park, Luveve, Athlone and Hyde Park cemeteries.

However, the Bulawayo City Council (BCC), said the Athlone West Cemetery will remain open for burials in reserved graves.

“No more regular burials will be conducted at Athlone West. However, the cemetery will remain open for second interments and burials in reserved graves,” BCC said.

The local authority has commissioned a new burial place, Umvutcha Cemetery.

“The projected number of graves at Umvutcha is 45000 and these should last approximately 10 years barring any unforeseen circumstances like bedrock which has been a challenge at Athlone west,” BCC corporate communication officer Nesisa Mpofu said.

The local authority has been constantly urging residents to embrace cremation, a method of final disposition of a dead body through burning, as an alternative to burial since the city is running out of space.

As per last year’s figures, grave booking at Athlone was US$53 while burial space at Luveve cemetery cost US$43 with cremation during the week charged at U$34 and on weekends US$39.

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