Application of SOAR model

(Last Updated On: November 25, 2022)


Last week we introduced the SOAR method of analysis which helps business to analyse SOAR focuses all levels and functional areas of an organisation, to come up with an actionable strategy.

This week we look at the functionality of the SOAR method of analysis within organisations.

The SOAR analysis, an acronym for Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results, can be used to achieve several goals with the organisation, it can be used to explore new initiatives that an organisation can embark on as part their growth strategy.

This method can be used to develop a strategic plan and during the annual strategy review sessions. A strategy developed using this method is likely to yield results as it is based on the organisations strengths.

The SOAR analysis method can be implemented to redirect efforts and resources during the curse of the year to ensure that resources are being used effectively.

The SOAR analysis can also be used as a tool in Talent Management as part of a leadership development programme as it identifies individual strengths and opportunities, which inform an individual’s aspirations which are translated into action items with tangible results.

In the same manner the SOAR method can be applied to individual career development as well as developing a performance plan.

Soar analysis is a powerful tool that brings stakeholders together to recognise the potential of an organisation and create a shared vison for the future.

One of the main advantages of SOAR is that it’s doesn’t just analyse an organisations situation but helps organisations to set goals and targets to achieve.

Instead of just knowing an organisations strengths and weaknesses the result of a SOAR analysis contains a series of actions that exploit the strengths and opportunities of the organisation with the aim of helping the organisation to strive for ambitions shared by the entire organisation.

The SOAR is therefore action oriented and guides organisations on the strategy and actions to implement.

The SOAR analysis is positive forward looking by nature as it focuses on opportunities and…. Unlike the SWOT analysis which spends most of its effort on encouraging managers to fix weakness and threats.

In practise, it has been observed that the SOAR analysis is ideal for start-ups because the organisation is new and does not know its strengths and weakness or threats yet.  This way start-ups have an opportunity to start with a positive outlook.

It is generally acceptable that building on strengths requires less effort and resources than trying to correct weaknesses. This is because people find it more engaging exciting to focus their attention on positives rather than negatives.

While SOAR analysis can be a powerful tool for businesses, it has limitations which users need to keep in mind.

Aspirations are somewhat redundant because most organisations already have this stated as their organisation’s vision, and the organisation is already working towards that vision.

Although the SOAR analysis builds on an organisation’s strengths, it doesn’t do an in-depth analysis of the marketplace or the organisations customers.

This could easily lead leaders to focus on the wrong thing. Some factors, such as external market conditions or shifting consumer preferences, may be difficult to explore or account for in the SOAR analysis.

Despite these limitations, a SOAR analysis can be a great way for businesses to understand their current state better and identify improvement areas.

With ongoing monitoring and regular assessments, leaders should be able to give their business the lift-off it needs and achieve its goals.

Conducting a SOAR analysis can be a valuable exercise for any business, big or small. By taking the time to think about each element of the analysis, leaders can set their organisations up for success.


Paul Nyausaru is an OD Practitioner and leadership coach. For all your OD interventions and leadership development training you can get in touch with him on whatsapp/call +263774062756 or Email


Chiedza Kadare is an OD Practitioner. You can get in touch with her on whatsapp/call +263 77 283 0986 or Email


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