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A week of chaos, again!

Marc Pozzo

It certainly has not been a very productive week for most. Saturday’s, sudden press conference by the President on the fuel price increase has certainly hit breaking point with everyone including me. I still cannot work out how they came up with the new prices, given they are the ones who categorically said its 1-1 with the US$.

 So I am a simple bloke and did some homework and worked out that if commuter omnibus fares go up to $3 per person per trip, then it means each trip generates $54. I am told from people, the tout or (Hwindi), is paid the equivalent of one trip per day. So if he works five days a week the calculation of his monthly salary is $270 per week and per month $1 080. That’s more than some civil servants and others earn in a month! 

I employ over one hundred staff members in my own business.  Based on the rough rate of trips to town it would cost $16 000 per month to cover these transport costs alone. Oh and they would need this in cash as you can’t swipe for transport. At the same time the powers that be say you cannot increase prices and yep there is a rebate system on offer!

It’s just a bad piece of business advice they have been given really. With these new fuel prices, government has accepted the Bond note and USD are not equal. Fuel outlets will now sell fuel in USD since its now cheaper $1.15) average) for customers to use USD than Bond at $3.11. The impact as we have seen in these few days already has been catastrophic. Retail prices have gone sky high, inflation will triple in the coming weeks even days and people will demand US$ salaries.

Every person has a democratic right to protest; however I have a major problem with looting. What is the end result of looting? What does it achieve? It’s sickening to see some of the damage that occurred in the last few days. Take into account the poor people who have lost their lives for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I don’t condone this behavior and I am saddened by it. Protest but do it peacefully.

As we have not done much work this week as well as being blocked from internet access, I have been able to catch up on some sport I have missed over the last week or so. What really thrilled me on Saturday afternoon, was when I turned my TV on and saw a jam packed Barbourfields stadium to watch FC Platinum against Orlando Pirates . How good would that be to have our stadiums full like that week and week out for our local big PSL matches.

Now what about Andy Murray .He broke down in tears, at a press conference ahead of the Australian Open that this grand could be his last and that the pain in his hip was so bad that his career was now in doubt but why break down in tears for the world to see? Anyway the Scot fought

to the bitter end in what could prove his final match before losing a four-hour thriller to 22nd seed Roberto Bautista Agut on Monday night. He now faces a heart-wrenching dilemma – having to decide over the next week whether to battle on through the pain for an emotional farewell at Wimbledon or undergo major surgery knowing it may mean he can never play tennis again.

The first British man to win Wimbledon in 77 years and the first player to win two Olympic singles golds! He has and will never be one of my sporting hero’s  regardless. I have never warmed to him from day one. How can you compare Murray with the likes of Federer and Co. They are just poles apart!

 Anyway, Murray gone or going, my tennis viewing days will return, as I have always been a Federer man, and still stand by my comments made some years ago, that he is the greatest sportsman of all time, but I am liking a young lanky man from across theLimpopo called Kevin Anderson. I think he is due for a Grand Slam soon and I would be the first to jump for joy. He has all the attributes in this modern era. Keep an eye on Kevin Anderson; he will be a great player in time to come. 


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