Just in: Madzibaba Wimbo dies


Garikai Fadzi

HARARE – Johane Masowe echishanu, Vadzidzi VaJeso founder Aaron Mhukuta Gomo, commonly known as Madzibaba Wimbo has died.

He was 96.

Madzibaba Wimbo died at Arundel hospital this morning.

He is survived by two wives,18 children and several great-grand children.

He started his ministry in 1945

The second in charge at the shrine,Ishamael Magoni,but known as Steblone-B at the shrine told The Business Times that Madzibaba Wimbo had not been well for sometime.

“He passed on this morning at Arundel hospital in Harare.”

He says his funeral will be held at his shrine called,CZA.

“He will be carried to the shrine tonight and will be buried tomorrow,” he said.

Madzibaba Wimbo is acclaimed for running a ministry with over a million followers.

More to follow….